MB WBA Championships

This weekend the Marching Band is going to Fresno for the WBA Championships. It will be held at

Buchanan High School. (1560 N. Minnewawa Clovis, CA 93619)

It’s the last competition of the year! Our kids have worked so hard and they need our support to finish out the season. Because this competition is further away – we need everyone that is going to Fresno to pitch in and help.

Volunteers needed: You can sign up to help at http://stmaa.ivolunteer.com/2014fresnohelp

Senior parents - this is the competition where we hold a special dinner for the Seniors to commemorate the culmination of their time in marching band. We need parents of seniors to pin corsages on all our seniors before the competition,  to set up the senior dinner area, serve the senior food, and clean up afterward. 

Costs have not yet been published – but last year it was $23 for general admission. 

Band Itinerary:

Saturday, Nov. 22nd, 2014

6:30am-Depart for Clovis, CA

9:30am-Arrive/UNLOAD TRUCK/Eat Lunch & Breakfast/Change into uniform

11:25pm-Depart for Warm-up

11:30am-Warm-up Begins

1:00pm-Depart warm-up/pick up props

Additional snacks provided by STMAA

2:45pm-Return to stands to watch remaining AAAA bands perform

4:00pm-AAAA Divison Finale & Awards

4:45pm-Student Dinner/Senior Dinner @ buses

5:30pm-Return to stands to watch AAAAA division bands

10:00pm-Lights out/Room check

8:00am-9:30am Breakfast @ hotel

If we make finals then we will be staying for an afternoon performance at Fresno State University,

the Awards show (approximately 7:00pm), and then arrive at STHS (approximately 11:00pm)



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2 months to go.

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