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to Silicon Valley’s fastest growing high school performing arts program. Located at the southern tip of San Jose, CaliforniaSanta Teresa High School features a comprehensive performing arts curriculum, which emphasizes band music, drama, and guitar.

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The Santa Teresa Band Program is open to all students currently enrolled at Santa Teresa High School.  We offer three levels of concert ensembles: Concert band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble. In addition, we offer three levels of Jazz ensembles: Jazz I, Jazz II, Jazz III (and Jazz Combos).  We also offer Marching Band, Color Guard, and Winter Guard & Percussion as after school programs.

Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble are all elective classes that are taken during the regular school day. 9th Graders (both winds and percussion) are automatically enrolled in Concert Band. Each spring, auditions are held for Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble for students in grades 10-12. Membership in Wind Ensemble is exclusive to students in grades 10-12 and is granted by audition.

Jazz I is also an elective class for those students who are accepted during the previous year’s spring auditions. Membership is exclusive to students in grades 10-12. Jazz II and Jazz III are after school programs, and auditions are open to all grades. Students selected for this ensemble will be registered for Jazz Band II/III as an eighth period class and will receive performing arts credit for the class second semester. Auditions for Jazz Band II/III will be held in the latter half of first semester. The rehearsal schedule is based on student and director availability. Jazz Combos are are small groups (2-8 students) of horn players with a rhythm section that are more student driven than the traditional jazz band. The students determine their own rehearsal schedule and what music they want to play. The focus of the jazz combos is primarily improvisation. You do not need to be in a Jazz Band to participate in Jazz Combo. All Jazz Band students are expected to also be enrolled in one of the concert ensembles, but the band director may waive this requirement for Jazz I enrollees.

Marching Band is also an after school program that occurs during the first semester. Participation in marching band is not required for admittance to any other band. Attendance at the pre-school marching band camp is required for all members in the marching band. If you do not attend marching band camp (during the two weeks prior to school starting) you are NOT guaranteed a spot in the field show. All marching band 4 students must be enrolled in one of the concert ensemble classes with the exception of members of the Color Guard.

Color Guard (The Sport of the Arts) is a performance-oriented competitive activity that incorporates dance and theatrics as well as traditional equipment (flag, rifle, and sabre) in order to create an environment for hands on learning. Both traditional and non-traditional dance forms are utilized in order to support performance of a specific character as well as to create the optimal technique training on the equipment. Discipline, teamwork, and respect come from thorough and rigorous training from our highly-experienced and well trained staff.
All Bands have performances and at least one competition outside of school hours throughout the year, some involving travel. The Jazz Bands and Wind Ensemble have several off-site performances, including festivals and additional trips. The Marching Band performs at select football games and competitions during the season and competes as a member of the Western Band Association Marching Band Circuit.



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You can donate to the band program by sending a check to STMAA, P.O. Box 23761, San Jose, CA 95153 or by clicking on the Affinipay image below

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