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2018 Coffee Fundraiser


2018 Coffee Fundraiser Flyer

This Fundraiser starts March 2nd at the Music Marathon.

The Coffee/Cocoa Sales Fundraiser is here! Here are the details:

❖ Students and their families pre-sell coffee and cocoa for $15 per bag and collect the money.

❖ Print clearly on the order form. “Include your name and phone number”.

❖ Checks should be made out to “STMAA”.

❖ Turn in the money and order forms to the band room by 3/9/18. Contact Fundraiser Director, Renetta Henault at (fundraiser 1@600building.com) if special arrangements are needed.

❖ Money turned in must be exact. Any money turned in over the amount due will be considered a donation.

❖ Orders turned in without money will not be processed.

❖ Students are to pick up coffee/cocoa orders from school on 4/10/18 at Santa Teresa after school.



Product Details:

Non-Flavored Coffees (10 oz. Bags)

• Breakfast Blend- A medium bodied coffee blended from the finest Central and South American Coffees roasted between Full City and Vienna.

• French Roast – The ultimate expression of a dark, full-bodied coffee. An excellent coffee for those who prefer a smooth, balanced, dark brew.

• Colombian Decaf – The finest Colombian coffee decaffeinated through Swiss Water Processing … you never knew it could taste so smooth. Flavored Coffees: (10 oz. Bags) (note: the following are also available as decaf) • Butterscotch Toffee – A butterscotch caramel crème flavor with a hint of rum.

• Chocolate Raspberry – A wonderful blend of rich chocolate flavoring and aromatic raspberry.

• French Vanilla – The smooth richness of vanilla and its sweet perfumed aroma truly enhances this Arabica Coffee (10 oz. Bags)

• Hazelnut Crème – The divine nuttiness and subtle smoky background of the hazelnut creates a wonderful rich aroma and smooth creamy taste in this flavored coffee mainstay.

• Jamaican Me Crazy – An exotic island blend of Caramel, Vanilla and a twist of the tropics. The intoxicating aroma and its pleasing taste will land you in coffee paradise.

• Pumpkin Spice – Thanksgiving time all over again, care for some Pumpkin Pie?

• Rainforest Caramel Crunch – Creamy caramel with a touch of Almond.

• Snickerdoodle – Remember grandma’s cookies with pleasing cinnamon and rich hazelnut. Cocoas & Frappe’ (10 oz. Bags)

• Premium Cocoa – Chocolate lovers rejoice at the exceptionally rich and creamy experience that our premium hot cocoa delivers. This delicious beverage is made from the finest organic Dominican cocoa.

• Spiced Cocoa – Based on authentic Aztec recipes utilizing premium estate cocoas, Sri Lankin cinnamon, almond and spices.

• Double Chocolate Frappé – Add ice to create an exotic frozen beverage made from the finest cocoas that will ignite your passion for exquisite chocolate.



Donate to the band program

You can donate to the band program by sending a check to STMAA, P.O. Box 23761, San Jose, CA 95153 or by clicking on the Affinipay image below

If making a donation to the music marathon please put "music marathon" in the reference area on the payment page