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Color Guard (The Sport of the Arts) is a performance-oriented competitive activity that incorporates dance and theatrics as well as traditional equipment (flag, rifle, and sabre) in order to create an environment for hands on learning. Both traditional and non-traditional dance forms are utilized in order to support performance of a specific character as well as to create the optimal technique training on the equipment. Discipline, teamwork, and respect come from thorough and rigorous training from our highly-experienced and well trained staff.

Staff & Contact Info:


Band Director: Ms. Katie Starnes – starnesk@esuhsd.org

Lisa Avila-Westin & Ashley Gonzales, Color Guard Instructors

STMAA Website: www.600building.com

Facebook Groups: Santa Teresa Color Guard (public), Santa Teresa Music and Arts Association, Santa Teresa Marching Band

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Attendance is an important part of both school day and after school rehearsals. Attendance will be taken promptly at the beginning of each rehearsal or practice. Students who are not in the designated place for the beginning of rehearsal will be considered tardy. Since it is impossible to participate if one is absent or tardy, attendance at every practice is very important, regardless if the student is excused for their absence. Everyone is important to the progress of the band & color guard, and like any team, if you do not show up you are letting your section, as well as the whole band down. Students may not have more than 3 unexcused absences in any ensemble during the school year. If a student exceeds this amount, they may forfeit their position or be suspended from performing with the ensemble. Absences will only be considered excused if the student clears them with Ms. Bounds through communication between the student’s parent and Ms. Bounds has occurred. We request that students may not excuse their own absences.


-It is preferred that absences are communicated as far in advance as possible, via email (to Ms. Bounds, ‘cc Jackson). Please do not report absences to other members or color guard members.

Please make sure that you have added our staff members to your email address book so our messages do not go to spam!

-Materials: Please make sure that you return all of the requested materials completely and in a timely manner. This will include a handbook, verification form, field trip, and other items.


Rehearsal Attire:

  • For marching band and color guard, each student will need to have a good quality pair of marching practice shoes. These shoes should be of a good quality, flexible, cross-trainer style. Students will not be allowed to practice in bare feet, sandals, dress shoes, or any open toed style shoe. A tennis type or athletic cross training shoe would be acceptable.

  • Students should wear clothing during rehearsal that would be appropriate for an athletic activity. This clothing should not only meet Santa Teresa Dress Code but should also allow students to move and perform to the best of their ability. BLUE JEANS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE REHEARSAL ATTIRE FOR MARCHING BAND.

Performance Uniform-Items included in your membership fee:

  • Membership tee-shirt
  • Color Guard Uniform
  • Uniform bag and hangers
  • Show Shirt

Performance Uniform-Items provided by student:

  • Color Guard shoes, gloves, & warm-ups-details to be determined by color guard staff
  • Other items TBD by color guard staff (make up, under garments, etc)


Winter Guard:

Is an after school program sponsored by STMAA from December-April. It is open to returning and new color guard members (by audition). This competitive ensemble competes at winter guard shows performing a custom show (with music, costumes, flags etc,) through their season. There is additional fundraising and funding required for this program. Participation in winter guard, while encouraged, is not required for color guard members.

Click here to see what the difference is between Color Guard and Winter Guard

Winter Guard Presentation

Colorguard_Winter Guard



Please see the Marching Band Important Information page for more information about funding and volunteering and the MB Calendar page to see the schedule.

Donate to the band program

You can donate to the band program by sending a check to STMAA, P.O. Box 23761, San Jose, CA 95153 or by clicking on the Affinipay image below

If making a donation to the music marathon please put "music marathon" in the reference area on the payment page