Vanguard Bingo!


Santa Clara Vanguard Bingo
Band Account Fundraiser

SCV Bingo is a great place to work and raise funds for your student’s band and color guard fees. It’s a 15-20 minute drive from here and you work a 5 hour shift.

Santa Clara Vanguard recently updated their process for signing up to work for bingo. If you are interested in volunteering at bingo, please follow these instructions:

Follow this link that will take you to a front page which you will click “apply.”

Once you click “apply,” it will take you to a profile page.  Here you will complete your profile.  Note: Every individual who volunteers, will need to create a profile.

Note: New volunteers will still need to bring Driver’s License or State ID & social security number for the first volunteer session.  This information is required by the City of Santa Clara.

Please complete as much information that you can. We will especially need your cell phone number as this will be the new method of sending you out reminders and signing you in & out of a session.

Once you have submitted your profile, an administrator will approve your request.

Once your profile is approved by the administrator, you will then be able to log back in and sign up for bingo dates.  Starting October 1, you can go into the CERVIS system and add your name to any date you would like to request.  Each session has the number of volunteers needed so once it is full, the system will close it out from accepting additional volunteers.

To cancel a session, you will need to go back into the tool to cancel.

This is really quick & should not take much time to complete.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Donate to the band program

You can donate to the band program by sending a check to STMAA, P.O. Box 23761, San Jose, CA 95153 or by clicking on the Affinipay image below

If making a donation to the music marathon please put "music marathon" in the reference area on the payment page