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Trying to figure out the best way to earn your band donations? Give Levi’s Stadium volunteering a try. Average earnings are about $100 per worker per event (will depend on the event).

In 2015/16, STMAA volunteers earned over $17,000 toward their band activities from volunteering at Levi’s Stadium. Several families were able to fund all their child’s band activities from volunteering at Levi’s Stadium.

Levi’s Stadium volunteer options:
Concessions:  Responsible for the set up, inventory accuracy, food preparation, food & alcohol sales, and clean-up of booth. Positions: Food prep (ages 16 & over), Cashier (ages18 & over), Stand Manager (ages 21 & over).

Merchandise: Responsible for the set-up, inventory accuracy, inventory sales, and tear-down of merchandise booth. Positions: Cashier (ages 16 & over), Inventory Manager (ages 18 & over)

Who can work:  Adults 18 & over, and students 16 & over. Levi’s requires 1 adult per 5 students for merchandise, 2 adults per 1 student for food services. Minimum age to work is 16 – NO EXCEPTIONS. Students need to check their calendars carefully, conflicts with band activities will not be excused and those students’ sign-ups for Levi’s Stadium volunteering that conflict with the event will be cancelled (and may be subject to cancellation fees).

Don’t wait to sign up! Start earning your band donations!!! See event list below. Encourage family and friends to sign up as well and help earn money for band activities!
Sign up at http://stmaa.ivolunteer.com/levisstadium


Click this link for a better view of this chart:  Levi_stadium_chart_2016

Uniforms: You must provide your own black dress pants (no jeans or yoga pants/leggings), white collared shirt with no logos (polo shirt/dress shirt), & 100% black closed toed shoes with NO logos (preferably non-skid). No facial piercings, nail polish, or dyed hair. STMAA will provide your entrance badge and cashier code. Apron/hat will be provided by Levi’s Stadium for Food Concessions only and must be returned at the end of the night (not needed for merchandise sales).  Failure to return items provided by Centerplate/Levi’s will result in charges for those items added to your Charms account.

No backpacks or large purses, all bags containing personal items must conform to the NFL guidelines (clear plastic, not to exceed 12X12X6)

Meals recommend that you bring a lunch and water – especially if you have dietary restrictions (such as food allergies). Employee meal (when available) consists of a hotdog, small bag of chips and an employee-sized soda (small).

Average shift is 8 -10 hours but keep in mind these are live events and shift duration will depend on the event’s progress.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you cancel your volunteering after the gate list has been submitted (usually four days after sign ups end) your student’s Charms account will be charged $50.00 – this is what Centerplate (Levi’s) will charge STMAA. This can be mitigated if you can find another suitable volunteer to take your place.  The gate list is our promise to provide staffing for the event, and last minute cancellations jeopardize our ability to continue volunteering at Levi’s Stadium. If you do need to cancel, please contact Deb Maier ASAP by cell phone 408-666-2274.

Required training: Please submit proof of all required training to Deb Maier at debmmaier@gmail.com. See below for training requirements

All volunteers need this training:
Front Line Training Online – Please copy and paste the Dropbox link below into your web browser. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jrwz00i0s66yt99/AABqrBL4FiscfzR5RDP9Swrta

You also need the tests and certifications – the pdf file is located in Charms under Files and Handouts in the Levi’s Training folder. Please complete and return to Deb Maier.

For Concessions (food) sales you must also have:
          CA State Food Handler’s certificate – valid at Centerplate/Levis for 3 years – training is online and costs about $15. This is a state requirement to work food services. http://www.learn2serve.com/california-food-handler-training/

          Responsible Alcohol Handling – valid at Centerplate/Levis for 3 years – training is online and costs about $15   Everyone over 18 must complete this to work food and alcohol services.  http://www.learn2serve.com/california-responsible-beverage-service-training/

Stand Manager training sessions. Being a stand manager gives the rest of the group the ability to work food services at the Stadium and in some cases, can earn you a bonus. Contact Deb Maier via email debmmaier@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a stand manager.

Cashier Training – is offered periodically by Centerplate/Levi’s Stadium – everyone 16 and over are encouraged to take cashier training. Available training sign ups will be posted below. If  you can’t make a cashier training session, no worries, you can train on the job at Levi’s Stadium.

Questions: contact Deb Maier at 408-666-2274 (leave a message) or email at debmmaier@gmail.com

Donate to the band program

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