2013 – Machine






Fremont Union High School District Marching Band Expo – October 5th

Gilroy Marching Band Competition – October 10th

3rd placeGilroy 2

STHS Homecoming Parade and Halftime Performance – October 26th

Class of 2014

Class of 2014

Dublin High School Marching Band Competition – November 2nd

2nd Place

Dublin 1

Independence High School Marching Band Competition – November 9th

First place Class AAAA

High Auxiliary- High Effect – High Music –   High Percussion – High Visual

Independence 11

Logan High School Marching Band Competition – November 16th

3rd Place

Logan show 1

Western Band Association Championship – November 23rd

Qualified for Finals

Western Band Association Championship Finals – November 24th


The Drum Major

_MG_0835Wow…Where do I even begin? First off, being drum major for these past three years has not only changed my way of thinking; it has changed my way of life. Even down to the small decisions that are entailed throughout my day, like, “What should I have for breakfast?”. Or even, “Should I start my homework now? Yeah!”. It’s the smallest factors of my life that being drum major has had an influence on.

Now, when people think and hear “Drum Major”, they tend to ask me, “You’re the guy who flops his arms around, right?”. Well, yes, but it’s more than that. Conducting the Saints marching band has been one of the biggest and most amazing opportunities that I have ever been given. It’s a euphoria like no other. If you could see my face during a performance, you’d see that I pour my passion and soul into every one of them. The feeling is indescribable. Along with conducting, comes the leadership aspect of being a drum major. Being in a leadership position has been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever come across. But, anyone you ask that’s ever been in a leadership position before will tell you it’s worth it….because it just is.

Having the chance to lead a group of individuals to success is what makes my life worth living. Some of my best friends were made from being in a leadership position over the years. I cannot be more thankful because of it. Being drum major has taught me to be extremely grateful of my peers and anyone that comes into my life. I am so humbled.

The act of leading is something that I’m constantly mending and improving on. The thing that I have realized is that if you give yourself the chance to be amazing and successful, everything else will follow suit. This is why I’m so glad and extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to be drum major. Without it, I would not be the person I am today.

Joey Edsberg

Drum Major 2011-2013

Class of 2014

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