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2019 MM Schedule


2019 Schedule is TBD




Here is the schedule for 2018:

School Day Theater Performances

8:00am-8:50am-PERIOD 2-Symphonic Band (50 minutes)

8:50am-Transition Music-Sax Ensemble members (10 minutes)

9:00am-9:40am-PERIOD 2-Concert Band (period 2) (40 minutes)

9:40-9:55am- BREAK Flute Choir (Break/Passing Period) (15 minutes)

9:55-10:05am-Transition Music-Sax Ensemble members (transition to Period 4) (10 minutes)

10:05-11:50am-Wind Ensemble

11:50-12:00pm Transition Music: Ben Ledochowski’s trumpet piece (10 minutes)

12:00-12:30pm-Percussion Ensemble (tutorial) (30 minutes)

12:30pm-1:00pm-Jazz Band 1 (lunch) (30 minutes)

1:05-2:00pm-Brass Band (period 6) (60 minutes)

2:00-2:45pm-Jazz Band 2 (period 6) (45 minutes)


Afternoon/Evening Performances (plaza or MPR)

2:45pm-3:00pm- Flute Choir (MPR)-(15 minutes)

3:00-3:30pm-Jazz Combo 2 (30 minutes)

3:30-3:50pm-Saxophone Ensemble-(20 minutes)

3:50-4:35pm-Davis Intermediate Combo (45 minutes)

4:35pm-4:50pm- Winter Percussion (plaza)-(15 minutes)

4:50-5:10pm-Bernal Jazz Combo (20 minutes)

5:10-5:55pm-Jazz Combo 1 (45 minutes)

5:55pm-6:40pm-Brass Band (45 minutes)


Finale Concert-Theater Performances

6:45pm-7:25pm-Davis Concert Band (45 minutes)

7:25pm-Transition Music-Ailish & Isabelle duet (10 minutes)

7:35pm-8:00pm-Concert Band (25 minutes)

8:00-8:10pm-Transition Music-Sierra Appleby marimba (10 minutes)

8:10-9:00pm-Wind Ensemble (50 minutes)

9:00pm-9:10pmTransition Music- Wyatt-piano solo (10 minutes)

9:10pm-9:30pm-Symphonic Band (20 min)

9:30pm-9:40pm-Transition Music-Tim & Izzy (10 minutes)

9:40pm-10:10pm-Percussion Ensemble (30 minutes)

10:10pm-10:50pm-Jazz Band 2 (40 minutes)

10:50pm-12:00am-Jazz Band 1 (70 minutes)





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If making a donation to the music marathon please put "music marathon" in the reference area on the payment page